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2014 - 2016 Android & iOS

release trailer of Legacy Quest


how the main characteristics of a cubic world merge into UI design

Legacy Quest is designed for tablets and devices. We tried to find a unique style which should not out perform weaker devices. Thats why we came up with a pixelated 3D style.  

The UI should also interpret this simple grounded style. I came up with the idea to use brown for leather and dark blue to underline the night dark tone.


I wanted to design something grippy and down to earth, nothing techy or too fancy should appear in the UI.

the holy shape in Legacy Quest

I had to find a simple and variable shape to communicate the basic craftmenship and lowfi earthy physiscs of the universe we were creating. I experimented a lot and in the end I came up with this outlined plus shape.  If you check the UI screenshots nearly every UI element is based on this shape. In general I try to do this now for all of my projects, it´s really helpful to have an element which defines the universe you are creating.


a dungeon crawler with a lot of features

the concept of the UI is based on 3 main pillars. Because of the complexity of the game are these pillars a recurring theme throughout the whole game. 

Pillar one and two are the village and the dungeon they share the same arrangement of currencies and option buttons on the left and right of the screen. Designed to give the user a familiar feeling in the two most used screens in the game.

The third pillar is the building UI. Every building you enter has the same main concept. Confirmation Buttons are on the bottom right, close to your right thumb. Exit Buttons are on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Tabs are are exchanged or next to the confirmation button. 


pillar one & pillar two

Village and Dungeon have a similar look and feel. Most of the currencies and also the main and secondary buttons are on the same spot to give the user a familiar feeling for the two settings.

roll over the image to jump between village and dungeon UI // ingame screenshots iphone 5S


pillar three

Equipment with Elements for a helmet, necklace, braces, body armor, belt, shoe, left and right hand weapons, including all stats and the hero class. 

roll over the image to see how to equip an item // ingame screenshots iphone 5S


The challenge was to design complex steps easy and understandable, even for a casual player.  Especially the crafting system with its seven tiers and at least 3 different models per quality made me design a step per step progression.

icon progression

in the basis of chests and keys in Legacy Quest

skill icons

it is all about readability


a showcase of the actual gameplay and the UI
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